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About Mentibus

Based in New Orleans and operating around the country, Mentibus is a management consulting practice that helps clients uncover and execute strategies for awareness building, revenue generation, and process improvement.


Mentibus leverages its experience and network of specialized resources with mature global brands to offer a variety of unique solutions for socially focused non-profit and for-profit clients.  Current and past clientele include institutions of higher education, healthcare providers, and medical/scientific research platforms. Our bespoke services include research, development, execution, end-to-end organizational reviews, and financial and data analyses.

Our Approach

After an honest and intensive evaluation of an organization’s capability to evolve and grow, clients are invited to participate in collaborative processes. By unpacking organizational culture and demystifying strategies for creativity and innovation, Mentibus helps clients realize their true objectives and implement reasonable and effective answers to both common and unique challenges. 

Our Goals

To enable an honest and cooperative dialogue with clients.

To uncover unrealized organizational potential.

To deliver action-oriented results.

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